Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

How many times have you started something in your life, did it for a while and then stopped? Maybe you started a "diet" , started to loose some weight and feel better to then say to yourself , "ok now that I am at my goal I don't have to do this anymore." Within weeks you notice the weight back on your body. Or maybe you are having a challenging time in a relationship be it personal or professional. You read a book, go to a meeting, have a "talk", identify the challenges and take a few steps to improve the challenging areas then for whatever reason go back to how things " have always been" and wonder why the relationship is not getting any better.

Remember 2 blogs ago we talked about the definition of insanity...doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result? That doesn't mean start getting a new result and go back to doing the same old thing to continue getting a new result.

Yesterday I got to listen to one of my favorite speakers, Joyce Rennolds. Joyce speaks a very similar message to what I share both to patients, groups and even in this blog and in my book . Yesterday she reminded me of a crucial point; cconsistency... When I heard her remind me of this I realized if I have fallen out of daily practice what are my readers, patients & clients doing?

Today is about BEing that which you desire the most in all areas of your life. Today is a reminder not to just do something one or two times or even for a month or two and then go back to how you have been (insane). Today is a reminder to stay connected to your "BE State" on a daily basis and to become the best you can be through daily practice at being the YOU that you are ready to BE NOW.

This is where I think about my neighbor, she has the most amazing yard and garden around. She is out there every day assessing the conditions, pulling weeds, watering, giving love and tending to her garden. What would happen if she took a week off or a month or longer? The weeds would grow, the soil would dry and the ph would change, the flowers would wilt and eventually die and the garden would not be what it is today. Don't get me wrong many things will still grow and do just fine but the overall state of beauty, love and health of the grounds will change without that daily attention.

How are you tending your personal garden? Are you giving it attention daily to pull the weeds?

When Joyce spoke yesterday she reminded me of a simple principle...A body that is in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an outside force; the outside force is negativity. In this case the outside force are the weeds popping up. Daily Awareness to what you are ready to Be and daily choices to act in accordance to and with greater love, health, happiness, security, freedom ( insert your BE state here) creates a body in positive motion. Affirming to yourself through your intentions, your words & your actions all support your positive motion in your "BE State". This positive motion will build momentum and to the extent that you practice daily, that you pull weeds daily, that you affirm and stay connected daily to your best self and act in a manner that honors this state of being is to the extent that the motion will build and build. Each day, each week, each month life will be more effortless, more joyful, more free in every way.

Negativity however is a weed that pops up and if it goes unattended it will sooner than later take over, it will stop your positive motion, it will cause the flowers in your garden to wild and eventually die. Negativity will lull you into doing the same things over and over of living the life of "insanity". Negativity will bring the weight back on, keep the relationships unhappy and keep you always at a distance from BEing that which you are ready to BE Now.

You practice at sports, you practice at your career, you practice at many things but do you practice daily on BEing the person you choose to be, to live the life that you want more of? BE aware, BE at Choice, take daily steps to pull the weeds to keep things growing in a positive motion. The positive momentum will build and before you know it you will make a quantum leap and transform with effortless ease into Be-ing all that you desire now~

With Gratitude and Love~

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