Saturday, February 27, 2010

Taking Time to Play

Do you remember being a kid and playing? When was the last time that you went outside ( or in) and played? Ran around, giggled, jumped up and down, wrestled, day dreamed with the clouds and just let your mind imagine for a moment? Lucky for me I have a 21/2 year old son and a husband who both remind me to take time everyday to play.

The interesting thing is sometimes it is actually hard..............yes I said hard. I feel like I have to make myself get into the activity because my brain is telling me that I should be answering emails, returning phone calls, writing, exercising, cleaning, a list of distractions that keep our conscious mind busy. When I break away from my silly mental to do list and just let myself BE in the moment and enjoy- it is so energizing and uplifting for me as well as my family. Our home feels joy filled and then when I do go back to my emails and endless silly "to-do's" I am more connected to my state of true Being and then the doing becomes that much easier...

One more simple way to connect to that which you are ready to Be NOW...Play even if it feels like you shouldn't. Yes you are an adult with a big kid inside that still needs to run and jump and laugh and sing. The next time you have a chance to play with a child- don't hesitate, let them lead, you follow and enjoy the process...The next time you are having a crazed day and are stressed out stop and PLAY...interrupt the stress with a random act of play; make a goofy face, a silly noise, sing Old Mc Donald, engage in whatever helps to creates laughter and joy within.

Today it is just that easy...GO Play...

P.S. We are going to Chucky Cheese tonight and I totally plan on playing in as many ways as possible... Share with me the ways in which you and your family play and lets all help each other to BE our best self NOW~

With Love and Gratitude,


  1. Columbus has gotten 30 inches of snow in February, so I have found many ways to play - Snow men, snow ball fights, snow angels, snow shoveling! Yep - I like to shovel snow. Weird huh? I love to find different ways to shovel - down the sides first, zig zagging through the middle, right handed throws, over the shoulder throws, two shovels at once. There are so many options!

  2. Great Tips Sally...keep them coming. Down here in Atlanta there are few chances to shovel. I do however remember many a cold northwest days when I grew up shoveling and your approach sounds much more enjoyable than straight down the drive way :-) Throw a snow ball for me please.

    Love and Gratitude,