Monday, February 15, 2010

My Report

So I started to write my latest post this past Sunday and after having family in town, a sick baby boy, work, life and 4 re-writes I just can't seem to get into my creative flow...

A brief recap...I started this blog as a means of personal accountability, inspiration as well as a testing ground so to speak for my work and writing style as I write my book. With that said I have yet to really tell all of you my readers about how far I have gotten on my book writing journey thus far...

Inspiration is such a funny thing. I started off with a clear vision of what I thought the book was going to be about. I created this blog as well as began a small group to again, put my work to the test. Well I have managed to re write my main approach and content 3 times now but thanks to my amazing group that have given me the opportunity to share with them and learn through their personal experiences I truly hit my core inspiration and message.

A week ago I came home late from group after having already worked a 9 hour day- it was 11:30pm and I could not turn off my brain. I managed to power write the core of my book in an hour that night. Again, inspiration is a funny thing; it was as if I was not writing, something or someone else was because I could barely keep up as the content flowed. I love when the unconscious takes over, for me this is validation that it is not my brain at work but rather my soul speaking and I am just a vehicle for the message to move through.

With a full message now laid out in my notebook and inspiration leading the way I went to bed and felt sure that I would be ready to wake up the next day and tap right back in as I sat down to begin typing the manuscript. This did not happen... time, life, maybe even fear on some level ( since I have re written 3 times already) has kept me from doing this over the past week. I know a week is not a long time but why am I allowing life to take me out of my flow and back into being at the mercy of life's schedule? It is so easy to fall back into the doing mode so to speak vs. coming from our source of being.

What do I do? The same thing that I am writing about to encourage others to do.;connect to that which we desire the most. In connecting then we can move from that space so that our doing and living are truly juicy and delicious in every way.

Here is where I am starting in my desire to get into gear and get out of fear.I hope that as you read along with me that you will find the reminders you might need as well if you are experiencing any roadblocks in your life that have you back into Doing vs. Being on your journey into transformational living.

  • Reconnect with my big picture...If this process could be anyway I wanted it to be, no blocks,no excuses what would that be? Answer is in my first blog...
  • I am clear on my What and Why it is important but HOW important is this really? If it matters enough we will put our energy into motion. To the extent that it matters is directly proportionate to how much energy we will put into the creating. Lets just say this really matters and I am re energized!
  • What is stopping me??? FEAR so if I weren't fearful how would I be? FEARLESS... ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, CONFIDENT AND CONNECTED to the importance of this book.
  • We attract into our life what we are , not what we want ( two blog posts back). If I am fearful than what am I bringing to me right now? Well I can tell you this- writers block- procrastination and then my bad habits that go along with procrastination like snacking ( who is this helping? Trader Joe's but certainly not me!).
  • Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result so what am I willing to do now? Get off my butt and get typing!!!
That is all for now because I obviously have some work to do. I am closing today's blog with a firm intention geared at realizing that I got off track/disconnected from what is so important to me to BE. If I am not on purpose, if I am not being that which I am here to be then what am I doing? That is just it...I am doing vs Being....

I connect to my BE state- my place of purpose, passion, clarity, strength & joy. It is from this place of being that I move with effortless ease into the space doing as I enjoy my journey of typing my manuscript. With each page I type I move closer to full actualization of completing the first in a series of books on Transformational Living . It is my hope that this series will touch the lives of many and help to awaken, connect and transform all that read into a deeper state of BEing that which they desire and so much more~

Love and Gratitude to you all~


  1. This will totally be a #1 best seller. I can't wait to read it. You inspire me so much.