Sunday, February 21, 2010

Live Like You Were Dying

As a health care practitioner every day I share in the exchange of information with patients, friends & family on the ways in which they can become aware of how to live in a greater state of health. Our world is set up to prevent disease but not to promote health. Think about it from our health insurance to the national nutritional guidelines we are given just enough to get by so we don't get sick. If we do get sick we are sold on a message that a pill will cure us or at least temporarily take away our pestering symptoms.

Did you ever wonder what symptoms are? Have you ever stopped to listen to your body when it is talking to you or do you just push through? Symptoms, aches & pains are our body's way of attempting to get our attention. Think about a baby before they can speak, how do they get your attention to let you know they need something? Cry..What about a dog? Barks... Our body isn't able to simply talk to us in the manner which we are accustomed to listening. The only real way that our bodies can get our attention that we will notice is through feelings . If the body takes the nice approach we don't pay much attention but when the body hurts we start to notice. Most of us however don't have time to "deal" with the message so we think it will go away, subside or we will take something to block the message. We keep going and going until the body takes matters into it's own hands and makes things get so extreme that we have no choice but to take notice.

What do you imagine the body could be telling you? What if your body was trying to tell you that a dis-ease was present? What if your body was trying to tell you something that could save your life ? What if your body was trying to tell you how you could Live Well, Feel Well & Be Well, would you listen? Every day, every moment, our bodies are talking but often times we are too busy to be bothered to listen or simply don't understand that our bodies can "talk" to us.

Will it take a defining moment in the doctors office as the song so eloquently says; "the moment came and stopped me on a dime" , to get you to stop and take notice of what you are feeling? Life truly is a journey each moment carries us into the next all unfolding into the now. Please know that I am not preaching I am simply hoping to impart such a real message that you can live in optimal health; we can all be more than just a step away from disease's doorstep. To the extent that we listen is to the extent that we can support ourselves in moving into a greater state of well BE-ing, NOW.

The next time you feel a symptom or just get a "gut feeling", listen to it. Thank your body for sharing life saving information. It shouldn't take a defining moment for us to live like we were dying. This is your moment, all we have is NOW...Now to listen, Now to feel, Now to acknowledge, Now to Choose, Now to Transform into a greater state of living beyond simple prevention and moving fully into optimal well Be-ing~

How are you Living?

With Love and Gratitude,

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