Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Does it Take?

At the end of 2009 I was watching a Wayne Dyer special. I had seen this many times before but for some reason on this day, something he said really caught my attention like never before. He said; " We don't attract what we WANT into our life...we attract what we ARE into our life".

I immediately said what am I? Am I truly walking my talk in this life? Am I living in alignment with what I truly desire? My answers became so clear to me that I was not living what I was thinking, journaling and declaring every day. I was close but I was still making excuses &/or compromises; "if I just do this then that will happen...if I just get my space clear, if I just work this extra project, if I just, if I just...". I was keeping what I wanted the most at arms reach, so close that I could see it and feel it but also so close that I felt like I was going mad.

It was in hearing this statement and in having this realization like I had never had before that I knew. I knew if I did not make a true shift and really live from the source of what was in my heart then there would always be something. I knew that I would always be at the mercy of my life vs. fully living the life I am here intended to live. I personally could not stand for this non sense any longer and so my shift occurred like never before...

I lost my mother a few years ago and I often wonder if she died with her music still in her...I think she did, in fact I think it was in part because her souls music ( inner passion and purpose) went unplayed and unheard that she left...

What does it take to really make us listen to our inner voice, our inner music, light & passion? For each of us it is a different road we take on our journey. For me, this was my defining moment. I immediately began making the changes that I needed to in the areas of my life that I was allowing to always pop up and take me off course. I did not cut these out of my life, I simply put very specific parameters around these areas. I also put in motion levels of accountability like a deadline for my book and my web TV channel. I made a promise to myself ( your personal promises should be your most important...if you don't value, love and respect yourself and what you have to share than no one else will either) that I would no longer just have notebooks filled with my content, my ideas, my workshops & my closet filled with my products but that it was time to get them out to the larger audiences they were intended for. I also fully acknowledged that I am only one person and that I could not figure out and control all of the details. I decided to simply let the details work themselves out. I knew that I had to stay connected to my inner truth and do my part while everything else falls into place ( side is falling into place better than I could have ever orchestrated).

If you had no more excuses; you did not wait on another or on something outside of you to allow yourself to live and be what you desire the most, what would your life be like? Do you know what stirs your soul? What brings a smile to your face or when time seems to stand still? What is keeping you from BEing all that you are intended to BE?

What do you want in your life the most? Are you that? If you want love are you loving...If you want kindness are you kind? If you want wealth do you give and receive with ease? If you want patience are you yourself patient? If you want health are you supporting health in your body? What do you want and how ready are you to Be just that??? Don't wait for it to come to it now and notice how it just appears~

With Love & Gratitude to all of you~

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