Friday, January 22, 2010

New Awarenesses

In less than 24 hours my world has begun to change... Each moment has become a new opportunity for understanding this journey, this book. I did not plan for this to happen, it just is happening and inspiration is stuff!

Awareness 1: Make sure that when you declare something to yourself, to your soul, to the word around you, to the universe that you are truly ready for what is to unfold. As we ask, so do we receive and the gifts are unlimited opportunities to experience more of what we say we are ready for...

Side Note to this awareness... Sometimes we think we are ready to make a shift, a change and in many ways we are but our desire to change, grow, shift is conditional. For many of us if we don't get the answer in the way we want it then we stop the flow and go back to doing what we were doing, yeh sure maybe it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible so we will just keep doing what we were doing before this "declaration" began. If you have done this, as I have, know that it is not a bad thing, it is simply a choice but please remember the explanation of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result... are you ready?

OK so the cool inspiration that I received yesterday: Step 1 in writing a book or making any change or putting anything in motion that is important...The question, how do I want this to be?

I know that I truly intend for this book to be more than just "educational" I don't want to be just another coach or guide that people read, get something out of and move onto the next. I remember reading works by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyre and wondering if they had bad days. I was completely inspired by their teachings yet somehow always felt as though they were so elevated; so on some level within me as the reader there was a disconnect.

My vision, my intention is to create a piece that truly connects with my readers on an "everyday real life" level as well as the deepest soulful level. I want my readers to know that we are all together, we are all one; different yes but at our core the same and together we can truly BE and live in the ways that fully express our authentic self.

With that said I have been wondering how do I do this?
Awareness 2: LISTEN
The answers are always within us if we choose to listen. Sometimes we are afraid of what we might here but if you know you need to shift, if you know you are called to be something even greater than what you have been; in order to move into this being space we all must LISTEN...

My fun story...Yesterday I was given a great opportunity/reminder on the importance of listening... A wonderful neighbor stopped to chat with her two dogs. There was a group of us talking and she turned to me and said, "Melissa can you help ( we will name the dog for sake of anonymity) Jake. I said sure thinking at first she wanted me to check his spine and see if he needed a doggie chiropractic adjustment. Then she told me that my husband ( the most amazing man in my world) told her that I am a "dog whisperer" and that Jake had been having some problems.

Let me say that animals do communicate...if we are willing to allow ourselves to listen. The interesting thing though is when we do something out of our norm or our comfort zone it is easy to doubt/second guess our inner voice. I spent about 20 minutes with the doggies and their owner and it was truly amazing. I listened with my inner voice that when it comes to animals I get feelings in my body or words just pop into my brain that are not mine...I simply share the feedback... During this time, we were able to determine exactly what he wanted/needed his owner to know. I know this because as soon as we got to the "heart of the matter"Jake the dog "came back to life" so to speak. He was wagging his tail, he was up and giving kisses ( prior to this he was laying down and lethargic) and the energy of the whole family was a cool experience to share in.

Now some of you might think I am crazy and maybe I am but the big lesson to remember for myself as the student of this self coaching process is that if we listen the answers are there...the question becomes what do we do with the answers once we get them????

The journey continues...Happy Weekend~

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