Sunday, January 31, 2010

More to the Story

The blog post I wrote yesterday poked at my brain all night and woke me this morning with many additional thoughts/addendum's...

Inspiration, moments of change of growth come in various forms all throughout our lives. I have been learning, shifting, growing awakening into a greater state of self my whole life. I have consciously been "awakening" for at least the past 25 years. Each new awakening so to speak has given me more insight, clarity and connection. This desire to fully awaken is what lead me on my coaching path. I wanted to know more about the unconscious mind.

Everyday I have patients that come to see me that know what to do but they just can't seem to do "it" ( I know I should exercise but I just can't find the energy, I know I should stop eating the chips but I can't until the bag is gone, I know that I should be kind to my spouse but it is easier to blame them for all of our problems, I know, I know). Please understand that their desire is real, it is so painful to them yet they continue to play out the same pattern and find themselves right back where they started. The conscious mind is one piece of the puzzle and for many of us we can create a lot of wonderment with the shear will power of our conscious mind but what about the big stuff that keeps cycling back through unanswered, unresolved?

Yesterday's blog doesn't always just "happen" in a moment. My "defining moment" in all honesty is a culmination of 6 years ( or more) 6 years of actively being committed to actualizing my authentic self. I think this is important for all of my readers to know:
  1. We must be worth committing to and not give up on our selves when we don't get exactly what we think we want.
  2. Sometimes what we think we want is not what we want but rather our teacher to an opportunity to really listen and feel what our soul is telling us.
  3. If we are willing to explore what lies beneath the surface some cool stuff can unfold. What is beneath the surface, what comes from our inner voice is our unconscious mind, our connection to our source, to our soul. We can make an agreement with our self that in exploring this uncharted territory, what we discover does not have to be painful (even if it is from a source of original pain)...make your own agreement on what being an explorer of your authentic self is...hint...make it fun :-)

What do we do with the "stuff" beneath the surface? Well suggestion #1... welcome it. Suggestion # 2, thank it for giving you the opportunity to understand, to hear it's message and to move through it to where it is that you are ready to go...

Simple exercise to get you started...

Where are you at in your life now?

Where do you want to be?

Are they the same set of answers? If so good for you...stop reading this blog and go share your joy with others...if your answers are not the same and you have a desire on any level for something different than what you are experience right now go back to yesterdays exercise...

We attract NOT what we WANT, we attract what we ARE...

Where do you want to be? What do you want more of in your life... share that part of yourself now free of an expectation or want to need it to be returned. In other words, don't give a compliment just to get one back, don't buy someone something because you expect something in return. Be what you desire, be what you truly are, your soul is talking are you listening?

This is a beginning step on your exploration into the areas of your inner voice, your unconscious if you will. Just remember as I said in an earlier blog, to the extent that we are willing and able to listen to the message is to the extent that we will begin to truly experience more of the good stuff NOW. Since now is all we truly have isn't that the place where we should be living the good life?

Be what you desire, be what you truly are...Your soul is talking are you listening? Happy exploration :-)

Love & Gratitude,


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