Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If thoughts create our reality ,then what am I creating?

As I explore the science behind energy and that realization that all things both seen and unseen are energy I realize what quantum physics shares so eloquently that our thoughts are also energy. Now if energy can neither be created or destroyed but rather only change form then what form does our thoughts take the good as well as the not so good? Then the following popped into my head:

I remember about 15 years ago when I was in chiropractic school a friend of mine suggested I try affirmations. I was in my early 20’s and my own worst critic…to say that I had a lot of negative self talk going on inside of my head was an understatement. Well when she made this recommendation all I could think of was the Saturday Night Live skit of Stewart Smalley sitting in front of his mirror affirming “and people like me”…needless to say that did not “resonate” within me. Now I am not judging, I am simply saying my internal picture of what it meant to “affirm” just didn’t seem comfortable to me.

Around the same time I was given a book by Deepak Chopra, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. This book speaks of many universal teachings but one point that hit me at the time was acceptance. I did not accept myself let alone love or maybe even like and so this hit home. I combined my friend and Deepak's suggestions and began my path of sending in some good stuff to my brain...A.K.A....affirming.

I truly will never forget the first time I did it, I was laying in the tanning bed ( it was the 90's for crying out loud- everyone laid in tanning beds) and decided to try to say some good things to myself. I came up with a little rote saying of about 8 things; I love myself, I am intelligent, I am healthy, I feel great in my skin...etc. It felt like someone was running their nails down a chalk board. This process felt extremely uncomfortable and left me wondering how or why anyone would want to do this. I decided though that Deepak had some validity as he talked about acceptance so I decided to stick with it. I continued my little rote affirmation not believing a bit of it until one day I realized that it was not uncomfortable, in fact it felt ok and I actually felt energized and good about myself.

About 5 years later I had graduated chiropractic school and was not only a chiropractor but also a WCW Nitro Girl ( think Fly Girls of wrestling...we danced). I had been dancing since I was 2 and finally landed a great gig- dancing on televisions top rated show at the time every Monday night for millions across the country and around the world...fun stuff to say the least. I was with an amazing group of girls but let me say- 6 women together all of the time, need I say more? Well one day I don't even know how it came up but I said that I loved my butt...yes that's right my back side. One friend was very put off by this and thought me a bit full of myself for making such a statement. I explained to her that I was not full of myself but in a place of actually loving myself and told her about my tanning bed affirmation days and how far I had come.

What do our thoughts create? At one point in my life I found it hard to think of any good thoughts and my life was filled with alot of personal discomfort. As I grew into a greater state of self awareness I began to play with this principal and as my thoughts improved so have many things in my body, my health and my life.

I still love my butt and my Nitro Girl friend still thinks I am crazy ( but she loves me anyway) even with love and alot of positivity in my life I still have my moments. I have days that are challenging, stressful and even uncomfortable but now I know that I don't have to continue living/feeling that way , instead I have a choice to make a shift and realign with the good stuff.

Today's entry is meant to be fun as well as thought provoking...what are you thinking the majority of your day? What do you think could happen if you shifted even 5 minutes a day or your internal self talk to align with what you want to experience in your life. Our thoughts are powerful creators...what are you thinking?

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