Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Declaration

Today begins my journey not as the coach but rather as my own student. 8 years ago I had a defining moment in my life... I was emotionally at a very low point; recently divorced and experiencing a career shift of astronomical proportions not knowing what was next. Unsure if I could move forward and if so where to begin or better

The great thing about life's scary moments is that they become incredible opportunities if we allow them to be. As I sat on my living room floor 8 years ago wondering, angry, sad & scared; even through the muck I was somehow certain that I was more than this depressing moment. I knew that I was free( as terrifying as that was at the time) to create my life to be... What did I want to be? What was I ready to feel, to experience, to do more of, to do less of- the list of exploration questions began to grow in my brain and hope, energy and possibility followed suit.

With this desire to awaken- to connect to my truth and to transform into being more of what I was ready to be I took pen to paper and created. I still have the big over-sized drawing pad and color markers that I used that day to remind me of my vision, my path... 8 years ago in my living room I tapped into my vision of what lay firmly in my heart and the path of my soul...I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my purpose was great ( boy did I set the bar high and potential for failure probable) and that I was to create a multi media based company dedicated to educating, energizing and enlightening people on their personal journey of transformation living.

And so I jumped in and began my Transformational Living Company; Flow Unlimited. My task was to create multi- media based platform that would allow for products and workshops that could be shared with large groups all over. My list included DVD's, Meditation and Coaching CD's, Journals and the big one for me... A Book.

A-HA the reason for beginning this blog. This is the year that I am going to write my book. For some reason I have always in my brain said you are not an "author"... you are not a "writer" well if any of you know me, you know I am a lover of quantum physics and universal principles...if I say I am not...then I am not...Our words do help to firmly create our reality (more on this in future blogs). So here we go my friends... A journey into BEing all that I am here to be...

If I know one thing about myself it is that I am better when I am accountable so this blog and all of you will keep me accountable. I give you each permission, if I am slacking- not sharing updates then write a post...tweet me ( ok I am not on twitter yet but soon to be so I will confirm that soon too) or FB me...This is for me but it is also for each of you my readers. It is my intention that through sharing my journey the good and possibly not so good that I will help to share a greater state of awareness...As we become aware we are then able to better connect to what is in our hearts and we connect to our own personal truth and move in accordance with that our Transformations are limitless...

So what do I firmly declare? Regardless of limiting thoughts I may have had in the past What is it that I am ready to be NOW??? I declare that I am an author of my upcoming book...Journey into BEing...Transformational Living.

In invite you to share in the journey with me...if it inspires you then I ask that you share the inspiration with other...together all things are possible~

With Gratitude...Melissa


  1. My love, great start to your Journey into Being. Being everything that I know you are, Inspiring, A powerful creator, Contagiously energetic, A Super mommy, Creative, Patient and so much more. You are an incredible teacher and the world better brace itself because it's about to be blown away by all that you are. Enjoy every single moment of this Journey.

  2. I love you Meliss! You inspire me, truly! I am so proud of you. Congratulations and you have any and all the support you need from me. I can honestly say that I will look forward to reading every entry in your blog (the journey to your book). I am SO excited for you.

  3. Melissa.....Congratulations on beginning your book. You are indeed one of the most eloquent spritual beings I know. I am rapt with anticipation! I love you and in the Navi tradition (from Avatar) I see you!

  4. Melissa:
    I am so proud and wish you only the best. White light and inspiration coming your way. You have so much to offer this world!

  5. Melissa,
    I met you for the first time last week at yoga
    in Serenbe and I instantly felt your energy. I am looking forward to following your blog and have no doubt you will be successful.

    Rita Ritchie

  6. Sounds like the beginning of a fabulous journey for you and all who are lucky enough to be reading!

  7. I am looking forward to your journey Melissa. I know it will be a success. Your positive energy and thirst for life will shine through. Please let me know if you need anything at all - Dawn and I offer our support in any way. Much love - Barrett